Accelerate innovation with an idea

From the moment an innovation appears on the market, the movement toward commoditization goes. A prodct’s success seems to be depended not on its goodness but something mysterious. We believe the key to an idea for next innovation is in the unconsciousness of potential customers. In ideafund, researchers are focusing on qualitative/quantitative research to understand the attitude of unconsciousness by incorporating the anthropological methodology.

  1. The most important thing to make innovation happen is the customer insight, we believe. Ideafund helps you by the unique and groundbreaking methodology adopting the anthropological research.
  2. We incorporate anthropological fieldwork into the traditional qualitative research such as questionnaire. And most of our resrachers hold MD/PhD in anthropology from the Univ of Tokyo.
  3. Before starting the main research, we take time to discuss with a client broadly and conduct preliminary survey. Based on the deep understanding of the market environment, we design the research plan.
  4. On the basis of information compiled through the preparation and planning, superior team of anthropologists conducts the research. We accelerate innovation by illustrating the customer insight and the unconscious attitude of potential customers.