Fieldwork on Big Data

We conduct fieldwork surveys by anthropologists on various DATA such as purchasing data and media contact logs.
In case of conventional fieldwork, researchers must visit informants and stay for long. However, in fieldwork on big data, researchers do not have to. They can observe the informants’ past behavior by interpreting/analyzing the data. Besides, our new methodology has another advantage. In conventional fieldwork, consciousness and behavior of informants are said to be affected because they know they are being observed. But it will not happen by conducting fieldwork purely on DATA.
We are the experts of anthropological fieldwork. For this reason, we can get the vivid idea about the real behavior of informants from inorganic data. Fieldwork on Big Data is a brand-new approach to big data. If you are interested in getting insight from data, we believe we can be your great help.

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Fieldwork and Ethnography

Fieldwork and ethnography is the core method of cultural anthropology. Holding MD/PhD in cultural anthropology, our researchers have helped national and international clients in making more informed and better decisions through a deep understanding of markets, people and culture. We provide B2C and B2B services, with expertise in various data collection techniques (traditional and new-age as well).

In depth interview

In-depth interview is a one-on-one interview spending 1-3 hours. It is suited if you want to understand the deep psyche of customers. It is very different from the traditional interview asking previously defined questions. Obsrving the answers and signs of emotions by a participant, our researchers construct/reconstruct the hypothesis and explor the deep insight. The ideafund way is made possible both by the researchers’ expertize, that is wide and deep knowledge on the market.


Group interview is suited to reveal the customers’ awareness and UX of products/services. Ideafund is evaluated in terms of its technical briliance. Our experienced researchers urge the participants to communicate/discuss freely among them, knowing the relaxed natural conversation is the key to customer insight.


A Market Research Online Community, or MROC, is a consumer research tool wherein qualitative research is combined with online data gathering. By leading participants through various discussions and exercises, the researcher / administrator samples things like reactions to marketing efforts, brand attitudes, and even brainstorming with a group of people who are best poised to make a difference and return higher-quality data than an open online survey.

Questionnaire Survey

If you want to discover the difference between gender, age, location or occupation, questionnaire is valid and feasible way. You’ll probably have a lot of trouble selling products/services if you focus on the wrong market segment. Our researchers effectively allocate and design the survey so that you can understand what different members of your target market have in common, and how they differ.