Tetsuya Ota Joined IDEAFUND as Cheaf Operating Officer!

Tokyo, April 5th, 2019

IDEAFUND Co., Ltd. announced today that Tetsuya Ota joined their team as the leader of the corporate and HR function.

About Tetsuya

  • Tetsuya received B.A. from Waseda University School of Culture, Media and Society in 2012 and M.A. from the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Arts and Sciences in 2015.
  • His field of study was cultural anthropology.
  • He researched at graduate school the process of becoming museum exhibitions and designed objects.
  • In 2015 he started working at the company which conducts real estate and construction business. At business planning department he was in charge of real estate management and leasing section.
  • After transferred to department for international development, he engaged in several real estate development projects in Southeast Asia and China and played a key role for market research and development planning.
  • He joined Ideafund as the leader of the corporate and HR function April 1st, 2019.

About Ideafund

Ideafund is a professional research company located in Tokyo.
Since its foundation in 2018, its founder Naoko and her colleagues have applied the methodology of cultural anthropology to market/consumer research. By doing so, they have always tried to understand the wholeness of consumers and to find some keys to innovation.

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