Methodology Mixed Research for the biggest IT company in the U.S.

ResearcherNaoko Okawachi


On developing a range of new IT services in Japan, the client needed to understand (1) the actual usage and awareness of IT services developed by the client and its competitors and (2) the latest trend of IT services/products in Japan.

Then the researcher got the research project off the ground. Based on the preliminary survey she suggested the client to conduct the following methodology mixed research focusing on the young adult segment.

  1. MROC
  2. Short-term fieldwork in the design and advertising company
  3. Depth interview
  4. Fieldwork in the daily living area of informants

The research and its analysis lasted for 4months and the team created the final report and film. The project revealed the youngsters’ absorption in the internet things and the latest culture related to IT usage.

The ideafund Way

Today the internet and SNSs are inseparable parts of our daily lives. We sometimes exist in real world and sometimes virtual, freely going back and forth between the two. In such a complicated situation it is not easy to understand in a comprehensive way how people are absorbed in the internet things.

However the prospects are bright. The ideafund way, utilizing academic methodology such as fieldwork and in-depth interview, is very suited to get the picture of the complex world.