IDEAFUND has held an ‘Business Ethnography Lecture to understand consumer insights‘

IDEAFUND Co., Ltd.  (Founder & CEO: Naoko Okawachi, Tokyo), a behavior observation company that applies cultural anthropology techniques, has held the lecture at Biz/Zine Academy on October 7th.

Ethnography is gaining attention as a way to gain deep insights in today’s world where “emotional value” to consumers is becoming more and more important.

This course was also held in March 2022 and was well received, so the second time was held.

Ethnography Utilization Course to understand consumer insights [online]
 (Japanese Only)
Person in charge of planning and promotion of new business
Person in charge of marketing strategy and analysis
She held lectures on ethnography and workshops using teaching materials based on actual surveys, aiming to be able to define requirements and extract insights for ethnography surveys.
※Please check here for details such as the timetable of the day.


IDEAFUND is a professional research company located in Tokyo. Since its foundation in 2018, its founder Naoko and her colleagues have applied the methodology of cultural anthropology to market/consumer research. By doing so, they have always tried to understand the wholeness of consumers/users and to find some keys to innovation.

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