Study Session Report: “Space and Place: The Perspective of Experience”

On October 31st, 2023, IDEAFUND Co., Ltd.(Founder & CEO: Naoko Okawachi, Tokyo) hosted a study session on “Space and Place: The Perspective of Experience” by Yi-Fu Tuan (translated by Hiroshi Yamamoto), focusing on contemporary urban development. 

Book Summary
What does space mean to humans? This book explores the experience of space, from the perspective of an infant to the scale of architecture and cities. It investigates various aspects of space and place, using ‘experience’ as a key term. It’s an essential read for those contemplating the concepts of space and place. (Chikuma Gakugei Bunko) – translated by Mio Taguchi 

In preparation for future projects, we shared insights on urban planning and city development, drawing on the book’s concepts of ‘space’ and ‘place.’ We debated the meanings and differences among some of the terms and concepts coined by the author, applying them to our real-life experiences. The significance of recognizing ‘place’ as an ‘intimate experience’ was also highlighted. 

A Word from the Presenter
“I was drawn to this book due to its delineation between ‘place’ as security/stability and ‘space’ as freedom/openness, mirroring the dichotomy of equality and freedom or group and individual. I’ve come to realize the necessity of both space and place for humans through this book. Moving forward, I aim to explore how to integrate these concepts and how modern individuals, often constrained by time, can engage in intimate experiences.” – Mio Taguchi 


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